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PARAMEDICO is part travelogue, part adventure, part sociological research, part biography, all delivered with equal parts heartbreak and hilarity. Author and paramedic Benjamin Gilmour has seen it all - and if he hasn’t, one of his compatriots has. The real- life cast of characters ranges from saintly to madcap and everything in between. The book will put you behind the wheel of ambulances deliberately hurtling toward disaster, or trying to pass under a low bridge in Venice at high tide.

PARAMEDICO is the brilliant collection of Gilmour’s wild adventures with other EMTs, paramedics and ER doctors around the world. It is a rare book; one not to be missed.

Benjamin Gilmour will be touring the US in September and appearing at the EMS WORLD EXPO in Las Vegas on the 10th September for the premiere of his film ‘Paramedico’.

Download the full press package here (PDF)